Your New Years Beauty Resolutions & How To Keep Them

Your New Years Beauty Resolutions & How To Keep Them

Hi, beauty besties!

Welcome to 2022. As we all know, the new year usually comes along with resolutions and those can be tricky things. Here at Slateland, we’re all about finding a routine that works for you, so without further ado, here are a few key beauty resolutions I think we can all stick to together. 

Find What Works
It’s worth the effort…
If you don’t have those few basic necessities, set aside some time to source products that you like. (Staple products include a moisturizer, a serum, and sunscreen.) Finding your go-to products can be a bit of a trial-and-error thing at first, but when you find those must-have products, stick with ‘em. Also, there’s no need to rush the process, take your time building a routine, look into ingredients that work, and don’t be afraid to find those tools that work for your specific needs. (For example, I’ve recently looked into microcurrent devices and it’s taken a bit of research to decide which one I want to try. That can seem daunting in the beginning, but you never know unless you try.) When it comes to finding something that works for you, you always want to assess what you’re trying to accomplish. For example, If you have oily skin, you want to find an oil-free moisturizer that hydrates. For dry skin, you’ll want a thicker product that contains emollients. The best strategy to do so usually involves trial and error, and research, too. Check out ingredients lists, find what helps soothe your skin woes, and above all else, go with your gut on this stuff. If you love a product and are seeing the results you’re looking for, there’s absolutely no reason to change it up.
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Keep It Consistent 
Every day and every night…
Consistency is key when it comes to implementing a good routine. The key to staying on top of your skincare application is as simple as building a habit. Start slow, by incorporating a moisturizer and sunscreen into your morning schedule. Keep a solid cleanser by your sink at night so you remember to wash your face. Create reminders in your life that prompt you to apply your skincare day and night– and don’t forget to reapply sunscreen throughout the day. 

Source A+ Products
Look for those actives…
Products with multiple active ingredients are always a good idea– that way one product can replace a whole five-step routine. Look for multi-use products, which usually target several skin concerns and contain actives that zero in on helping your skin. 
What are active ingredients?
To keep it simple, actives are ingredients that do what they say they’ll do, and deliver the benefits stated on the ingredient breakdown. 

Schedule Time To Unwind
Take a deep breath…
A beauty and skincare routine should be something that brings you joy– and something you look forward to. Approach your skincare routine from a mindset of gratitude and playfulness. In the morning, come from a mindset of preparing for the day ahead, and at night, make your skincare routine into a mini-spa experience to unwind before bed. Creating time to just be (and let your moisturizer sink in) is one of the best things you can do for yourself. 

Don’t Jump To Conclusions 
All good things take time…
Some skincare products take time (like months) to start working. Depending on the type, products like retinol can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months to see any effects, while Vitamin C can take up to 3 weeks to see improvements. With this in mind, don’t jump to conclusions if you don’t see any immediate changes when incorporating a new product into your routine. 

Make Sure You’re Having Fun 
Beauty and self-care should be a fun thing and I truly hope it is for you. You should enjoy playing with exciting colors and shimmery highlighters and lip stains galore– use them up to your heart's content really. Beauty should be about embracing your glorious face and creating new looks you feel confident in. All in all, don’t judge yourself and try not to compare yourself to anyone else because you are unique and rare and gorgeous because you are you

How To Keep Your Beauty Resolutions: 

Sure, resolutions can be fun but building new beauty and skincare habits in the new year should be something you want to do for yourself. Try not to put pressure on yourself to keep up with anything if it doesn’t work for you, or if you don’t like it. Keeping a beauty resolution should be as simple as incorporating something you look forward to into your daily life– because it makes you feel good or improves your mood. For me, my simple nighttime routine is my way of wiping away the day, it’s relaxing! and it signals to my brain that the day is done and I can head to sleep feeling peaceful (and glowy, too).

While skincare and beauty choices can seem overwhelming sometimes, we’re here to demystify those decisions to find what works best for you. Every single person is unique and any medical questions or concerns should always be consulted by a doctor. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for more updates!